Meal options

2, 3 & 4 courses & more if you want

2 courses from 16€, 3 courses from 20€ and 4 courses from 25€

Prices are dependent on the season and what you would like us to cook.

Clearly lobster is more expensive than pork.

We are very happy to join you for dinner.

 All Prices are per person.

John can always recommend some wine and you can buy it from us or drink your own.



 Les Caulins Sharing Platter Changes seasonally & may include; Charcuterie, Terrine, Mackerel Pate, Goats Cheese Croustillant, Seasonal Fruit, Tomatoes, Brebis, Olives, Cornichons, Rillettes, Chutney, Melon, Remoulade, Bread from 8€

San Danielle Ham, Smoked Chicken & Leek Terrine from 6€

Lyonnais Salad 5               Goats Cheese Crostini 5

Swordfish, Chorizo & Haricot Blanc Tartine from 8€

Devilled Chicken Livers & Bacon 6

Salmon & Prawn Cocktail from 7€                             Moules Marinière or Crème from 7€

Chicory, Blue Cheese & Walnut Salad 7€                          Leeks Vinaigrette 5

Bubble & Squeak, Poached Egg & Pancetta, Hollandaise 6€

Pan Fried Foie Gras, Toasted Brioche, Onion Marmalade from 12€

Melon & San Danielle Ham 6€                  Crispy Squid, Tartar Sauce 6€                          

6 Escargot Bourguignon 7€                    Mushroom Tart, Poached Egg, Hollandaise 6€

Asparagus wrapped in Ham, Hollandaise 7€                Asparagus & Leek Croustillant 7€

Eggs Meurette Red wine Poached Eggs, Mushroom Sauce 6€


Fruits de Mers

6 Oysters from 8€

6 King Prawns Hot with Garlic Butter from 6€

 6 King Prawns Cold with Marie Rose from 6€

6 Grilled Langoustines market price


Les Caulins Platter de Fruits de Mers

6 Oysters, 6 Grilled Langoustines, 6 King Prawns, Mussels, Whelks,

Prawn Cocktail Lettuce wrap

Bread, Shallots & Red Wine, Mayo, Marie Rose & Lemon from 30€

Add Lobster & Crab market price when available



Roasted Corn Fed Chicken

Poached & Slowly Roasted with Garlic & Thyme, Sauce Vierge €14

Crispy Pork Belly

Brined, Poached, Slowly Roasted & Pressed, Red Wine & Rosemary €15

Emma’s Modern Duck a l’Orange

BBQ Duck Breast – Fresh Orange, Spring Onions, Garlic & Ginger – Sautéed Potatoes –

Duck Roll – Market Greens – Reduced Cooking Juices €19

Lamb Rack Persillade

Pauillac Lamb Rack, Parsley Crust, Gratin Potato, Lamb Stuffed Tomatoes, Minted Peas a la Francaise from €25

Sea Bass / Bream / Dorade

Sautéed Sea Bass, Lemon & Garlic Butter or Clam & Mussel Butter from €15

Moules à la Crème

Arcachon Bay Mussels, Crémant de Bordeaux, Crispy Lardons, Cream Garlic & Onions and French Fries €14

Hot Fish Platter

A sharing platter of different Fish Fillets, & Shellfish

Some grilled on the plancha with Butter & Garlic, Crispy Potatoes, Salad from €22.00

Choose a Potato

Potatoes Sarladaises – Crispy Potatoes Duck Fat and Garlic     Potato Gratin – Sliced Potatoes, Garlic, Cream

Potatoes Boulangère – Sliced Potatoes, Chicken Stock, Onions, Garlic

Pommes Puree – Mashed, Double Cream, Butter

Pilées – Crushed Salad Potatoes, Butter, Mint

Market Vegetables or Salad


















Crème Brûlée                   Chocolate Gateau & Strawberries

Pain Perdou         Chocolate Mousse

Vanilla & Sauterne Poached Peaches                          Strawberry Pavlova

Chocolate Tart                 Red Wine Poached Pears

Pear Tart Almandine                  Lemon Tart

Apple Tarte Tatin                       Prune & Armagnac Tart

Apple Tarte Fin & Ice Cream

A platter of local 4 local Cheese, Chutney, Nuts or Fruit, Bread from €5

We always have lots of cheese, very local & we try to have a selection that you are not likely to find in the UK.

We mature them here for around 3 weeks so they are in perfect condition. Expect some of these ;




One Pot Meal

Let Emma prepare a simple one pot meal for you and we will bring it over whenever you are ready. We have many dishes to offer that all include vegetables prices per person;


Blanquette of Corn Fed Chicken; A creamy ragout of Chicke, Mushrooms, Onion & Garlic, Rice 12€

Pork Petit Sal; Crispy Pork Belly, Puy Lentils, Smoked Bacon 13€

Pot Roast Chicken; Chicken Thighs pot roasted with market or garden Vegetables 12€

Boeuf Bourguignon; Rump Steak pieces sautéed in Red Wine and Carrots from13€

Piperade; Basque dish prepared with Onion, Green & Red Peppers and Tomatoes sautéed and flavoured with

red Espelette Pepper & baked Eggs, Rice 10€

Duck Parmentier Think shepherd’s pie but with Minced Duck 13€

Duck Breast Cassoulette Emma’s Cassoulette is amazing; Pink Crispy Skinned Duck Beast, Haricot Blanc, Crispy Lardons, Duck Sausage, Crispy Shallots, & Garlic, Duck Gravy €17

Monkfish & King Prawn l’Asiane Roasted Monkfish Tail and Sautéed King Prawns, Crispy Onions, Mild Curry Sauce Onion, Mushroom Rice from €18





We spend most of our French lives outside in the warm sunshine. We are always grilling on the barbie, cooking over wood or making homemade pizzas.


Our most asked for BBQ for the day when you arrive

Prawn & Chorizo Brochette – Pork, Courgette & Prune Brochette – Chicken, Mushroom & Pepper Brochette

Emma’s Jewelled Couscous  – Water Melon & Brebis Salad – Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil Salad – Dressed Leaves – Bread, Sauces and bits and bobs. 13€


Les Caulins Burger – Toulouse Chippo – Wings – Jackets – Chick Peas, Sweet Corn & Mayo – Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil Salad – Bread, BBQ Sauce.  14€

Fish BBQ

Fish & Prawn Brochette, Garlic Butter – Seared Hake Steak, Aioli & Smashed Tomato –

Prawn “Cocktail” Caesars – Potato Salad – Avocado, Cherry Tomato, Red Onion & Burnt Orange –

 Leaves & Ranch – Bread, Herb & Lemon Mayo. 18€

Les Caulins BBQ

Amazing fall off the bone crispy Pork Rib – BBQ Steak Brochette Chimichurri – Duck Brochette – Crispy Wings – Potatoes Sarladaises – Water Melon & Brebis Salad – BBQ Tomato, Red Onion Chilli & Lime – Dressed Leaves – Corn Bread – Sauces and bits and bobs. 28€

Just Ribs

Crispy Pork Belly “Ribs” – Crispy Potatoes – Cob – Salad – BBQ Armagnac Chutney 17€

Just Fish

Simply BBQ Fish fillet or steak – Lemon – New Pots – Salad from 14€



Cooked over wood

Shredded Crispy Leg or Shoulder of lamb

 Crispy Sautéed Potatoes Salardaises –

Mint, Cucumber, Feta – Tomato & Red Onion – Homemade Flatbreads, Dressed Leaves from €20

Spatchcock Garlic Chicken.

Crispy Lemon & Garlic “Butterfly” Corn Fed Chicken – BBQ Kale –

Jackets & Sour Cream – BBQ Tomato & Pepper Salsa from from €14

Les Caulins Steak

Wood Roasted as a whole piece for the table, 10oz approx per person

Charred Onions & Leeks, Chimichurri from €22












We are surrounded by the wine makers of the Cotes du Duras and very close to the border of the Bordeaux region. Almost all wineries offer tastings and are very happy to show you around.


We have a small wine list which, if you run out of wine, or just wish to sample some of our favourite local wines, we offer to our guests for the same price as we pay for them. We round the price up to the nearest 50 cents.  No corkage here. If you go wine tasting & find a gem of a wine we are more than happy to sample it with you.


Domaine du Grande Mayne, Cotes de Duras

Sauvignon Blanc                                                                                          €6.00

Merlot                                                                                                            €6.00

Rose                                                                                                               €6.00

Reserve Sauvignon/ Semillon                                                                    €12.00

Reserve Merlot/Cabernet                                                                            €12.00

Revolution 2011 Oak Aged 100% Merlot                                                 £20.00

Fusion 2015 Oak Aged 95% Cab Sauv 5% Chenin Blanc                       £17.00



Berticot, Cotes de Duras

Sauvignon Blanc Premier Cuvée  2016                                                     €5.00

Premier Cuvée Rouge 2016                                                                                    €5.00


Château  Lestevenie,. Cote de Bergerac

Cabernet Franc/Merlot, 2015                                                                      €12.00



Château La Verriere, Bordeaux-Sainte-Foy

Sauvignon Blanc                                                                                          €7.00

Merlot /Cabernet Bordeaux Superiore                                                     €7.00




La Reserve de Leoville Barton 2004 St Julien                                          €40.00

If you want John to organise a wine tasting at a vineyard let him know.